How to Tell If a Dog Breeder is Responsible?

Many of us want to find that breeder that will always be there when we need their help or to provide us with helpful tips about raising our puppy properly. While there are such breeders, it is harder to find them than you might think.

There are numerous ways of finding breeders nowadays and one of the most popular ways is through the Internet especially since many breeders list their kennels and breeder information on different dog/kennel club websites and dog breeder directories. As a result, our search may result in dozens of breeders in our area, but are they all responsible and how do we know that?

It is very important to find a responsible dog breeder if you want to have a happy and healthy dog and and build a long trusting relationship with the breeder. There are many breeders out there that breed for money only and do not care about the well being of their dogs. These breeders are called puppy mills. Their main concern is to produce as many litters as possible and sell the puppies to anyone with money in their wallet. They do not care about what the buyer will do with that puppy or what will happen if the puppy gets sick. These types of breeders are irresponsible and you should stay away from them even if they price their puppies much lower than other breeders. Puppy Breeders Calhan Colorado

So you ask, what makes a breeder responsible? Here are some points you should consider when choosing the breeder from whom to purchase a puppy:


  1. First step, make sure the breeder is registered with AKC or CKC.
  2. Check how many litters the breeder produces per year. Anyone having more than 2 litters would be considered a warning sign!
  3. Check how many dog breeds the breeder is breeding. Anyone with more than 2 dog breeds would be considered a warning sign!
  4. Ask how old is the Dam and the Sire. If they are too young or too old, this is not responsible breeding by any means. Too young, would be any dog younger than 2 years. Too old, would be any dog that is more than 7 years old.
  5. Ask the breeder to show you their contract. If they offer no contracts, stay away!
  6. Ask the breeder what health testing they do on their dogs and puppies and how often. Some breeds require specific types of testing since they can be more prone to certain disorders. If they do not perform the tests necessary and provide proof for those tests, stay away from that breeder!
  7. Ask the breeder if they provide a warranty or guarantee on the puppy with a signed contract. If not, your best decision would be to look for a puppy elsewhere.
  8. Ask the breeder if they show their dogs and what titles they have won. If they show their dogs, this is a good sign but this does not mean they are responsible. Also, check what clubs they are members of and what is the code of ethics for each of those clubs.
  9. Ask the breeder if they perform temperament tests on their dogs and if they have completed any obedience training.


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