How Do You Know If Your Door Manufacturer Is Cheating You?

When buying or importing doors for your construction projects, you need to be aware of certain criteria or factors to look at in judging the solid wooden door purchase deals you are making. There are many criteria you should be aware of when choosing your solid wooden doors. I will detail 4 of the most important here.

Here are 4 points I want to discuss:

1) Wood Type: The type of wood you intend to choose as the base material for your solid wooden door is very much going to dictate the price of the door you need. The choice of wood is also going to affect your door quality.

2) Part of Tree Trunk: Now the part of the tree trunk you use to make the wood will also determine how hard and how much moisture content exists in your solid wooden door. The best part to use is outside the heart wood and inside the tree bark. These are known as the early and late wood. They are not too soft and moist and not too dry and flaky. door manufacturers

3) Kiln Drying: The better the kiln drying process, the less moisture the wood you use will be. So why is this important? The less moisture content, the less likely the solid wooden door is going to warp when placed in a hot and dry climate. However, Kiln drying should be only performed until the correct level as too much will make the wood crack. Also, the factory you purchase from has to have proper kiln drying facilities as well.

4) Sand Paper: The finer the sand paper, the better the door surface will look when the lacquer or finishing is applied on to it later. This is because sand paper work that is shoddy, will result in wood surface that are rough. When that happens, there will be many visible lines that can make the door look ugly once the finishing is applied.

At this point, you should be able to have a better bearing on how to evaluate the value of your solid wooden doors. But that doesn’t mean you should stop learning. Continue to learn more about the features of a wooden doors and get to know it better, especially if you are a building contractor, a door trader or a property developer.


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