Disabilities That Require Wheelchairs


Wheelchairs in UAE can help people with different types of disabilities move around. These disabilities may be orthopedic or neuromuscular. Some common impairments include amputations, paralysis, spinal cord injuries, and Cerebral Palsy. Many people with these diseases must use wheelchairs to walk or perform daily tasks.

Help children overcome the stigma of physical impairment:

Wheelchairs have many advantages, including facilitating children’s development. Parents and clinicians recognize the importance of mobility in a child’s development and learning. Wheelchairs can also help children overcome the stigma of physical impairment and improve their opportunities in various settings. These benefits can help children achieve independence, which is vital for a child’s development.

People who are not able to walk or stand:

Physical disabilities that require wheelchairs impair the ability to walk, stand, and maintain proper body alignment. These disabilities may be caused by birth conditions, injuries, or medical conditions. Some people with disabilities require wheelchairs for mobility, including those with cerebral palsy, arthritis, and paraplegia. Others may be suffering from a neurological disorder, such as fibromyalgia.

People with spinal cord or nerve damage:

Some people with spinal cord or nerve damage are more likely to need a wheelchair. These patients may be in danger of falling, which is why a wheelchair is necessary for comfort and safety. Many individuals with osteoporosis also require wheelchairs to move around comfortably. These conditions can generally cause a person to become paralyzed on one side.

People who are recovering from surgery:

Wheelchairs can be customized to meet the unique needs of disabled people. For example, a person recovering from surgery may need to avoid putting pressure on stitched areas as they heal. In addition, a person with a disability may need to take part in partial bedrest while their body heals. For these people, a wheelchair can help them move about and help them recover faster.

People with mobility issues:

Some people with mobility issues can walk short distances but need a wheelchair for long distances or over rough terrain. Others use wheelchairs because of respiratory or cardiac conditions. These are some common disabilities that require wheelchairs. However, before buying wheelchairs, you should consider the durability and quality of construction materials.