ACCA Qualification Structure And Requirements


ACCA qualification is a professional qualification awarded to applicants who wish to become Chartered certified accountants (CCAs). It is a professional designation that is recognized by a variety of international bodies. The qualification is structured into three levels: Knowledge, skills and professionalism. Each level has its exams, exemptions, and study requirements. If you are joining ACCA classes in Dubai, find the requirements you need to fulfill here.

Applicants must pass five subjects:

To obtain the ACCA qualification, applicants must pass five subjects, including professional exams. The exams are taken four times yearly at more than 500 testing centers worldwide. In addition, the qualification requires students to have three years of relevant practical experience. Applicants can apply to have some papers waived based on their education and experience. Applicants are also eligible for a maximum of nine exemptions.

The course consists of 13 examinations, divided into three levels: Knowledge, skills, and professional. Candidates are required to complete nine performance objectives to obtain ACCA membership. Applicants must also complete a professional ethics and skills module and a 36-month work experience requirement. Other valuable skills are covered outside accounting and auditing, including strategic business reporting and financial management.

You must pass the Professional level or strategic professional exams:

Students must pass the Professional level or strategic professional exams to qualify as ACCA members. These exams include four papers: Advanced financial management (AFM), Advanced performance management (APM), Advanced taxation (ATX), and Advanced audit and assurance (AAA). Students who complete all of these exams will receive a Strategic professional certificate. These exams prepare students for future leadership positions. Students are also required to complete a 20-hour Ethics and professional skills module.

Students must complete the Ethics and professional skills:

Students with a Certified Accounting technician program are exempt from the Applied knowledge level. Students must complete the Ethics and professional skills module to become a member of ACCA. It is also optional to complete Advanced taxation or Advanced audit and assurance.

Students who have yet to earn a relevant degree or certificate can take a Foundational Diploma course. Students who have received an introductory diploma in financial and management accounting or an accountancy course can also qualify. Those who have earned a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree can also qualify.