6 Things You Should Know About Large Format Printing


large format printing is a great way to create custom, eye-catching materials. This method enables you to print on almost any material, including glass, tile, canvas, wood, vinyl, and metal. There are also a variety of different print styles to choose from.

To get the best large-format prints, you need to use high-quality images. Try UV-cured inks to ensure that your projects are durable and can last longer. In addition, you should consider the size of the printed item and the type of material you plan to use. This will help to determine what file sizes are best for your project.

Another important factor to keep in mind is perspective. You want to ensure that your text is easily read at a distance. Choosing a simple font is a good idea. A font with delicate features may appear blurry when used on a larger image. Consider using sans-serif fonts if you are trying to balance clarity with style.

In addition to making your designs look more professional, you can also use large-format printing to increase brand awareness. Whether creating banners for a special event or advertising your new product, a colorful design can help convey your message. You can also use this technique to generate interest in a store by using point-of-purchase displays.

The color mode you select will also be important. Lighter colors are best for text, while darker colors work better on backgrounds. If you are going to use a dimensional letter sign, consider using a sans-serif font since these will be easier to read from a distance.

The file format you select is also very important. A vector format, such as EPS, is often a good option. This format can be easily scaled, so you will retain quality when you resize it. It would help if you also considered using a RAW format for the highest-quality image. You can convert this to a more common file type, such as a PNG or a JPEG.

You should select a company with certifications in your industry for your large-format printing needs. Most companies will be happy to provide this information. They can also give you suggestions about how to make your designs more memorable.