Cartoon Drawing: The Essential Techniques

In this article I assume that you are a cartoon drawing enthusiast who is always looking for techniques and tips for bettering his/her cartoon drawing skills. So I will get directly into techniques that you can use to do just that. I will start with basics but also touch some intermediate level techniques that you’ll need to master.

If you’re a beginner you first learn how to draw simple shapes. And even before that you should be, comfortable with handling the pencil. And learn to hold the pencil correctly so that you can draw smooth lines easily without tiring your fingers in the process.

You should be always drawing lines by applying light pressure on pencil. You will get two benefits from this technique. Firstly your fingers will not get tired very soon and secondly if you make a mistake, and take it from me you will make many mistakes as a beginner, you can always erase your mistakes easily without making the whole work look dirty.

While drawing basic shapes it’s a good idea to use a notebook that has grids on it. The grid will help you to perfectly position and size your drawings. Use a notebook in that grids are very faint so that though you can see the grid it would not come in the way to overshadow the drawing itself. 4anime

Once you’re comfortable with making various shapes easily you are ready to rock because as you can imagine that all your drawings will be just collection of various shapes. At this stage start drawing various household objects. Start with simple things and do not jump into drawing complex things like cars especially the complex models because that can turn out to be really frustrating for a beginner.

After you are more or less happy with your object drawing skills you’d need some practice of perspective drawing and learn how to use shadow to convey the depth and weight of your object.

At the step it would be wise to invest in a good cartoon drawing book. Before selecting your book make sure the book has enough exercises that really forces you to use your own imagination. Because I personally feel having a book that only instructs you to copy the given figures does not add much value. And after getting the book make sure you spend enough time to follow the book and do complete the given exercise

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